Recent Updates

As schools around the world start planning for their Spring activity signups and parent-teacher conferences, we at Scholastico wanted to let you know about the improvements we finished in the last few months.  Our client schools have had some great suggestions, many of which we have been able to include lately.

Our after-school activity signup now supports currency payments in just about any currency in the world.  You’ll find a dropdown list in your options page, where you can choose the currency that your school prefers to work in.  Another new feature on the options page is the ability to edit more of the text that gets displayed, to customize it for your school or your community.  

We’ve also added a Notes field to the activity.  It won’t display to parents or students, but when you export your roster after signups are over, you’ll get more information in your report.  You can use the Notes field for information such as coach’s name, number of meeting times, or any other detail you wish was included in the final exported file.

Both ASA and PTC now allow the import of students with a grade level of “zero” which is important for our Powerschool users.  Powerschool uses zero for kindergarten and negative numbers for pre-school.  You won’t have any issue importing those into Scholastico.

When parents look at their schedule for parent-teacher conferences, you now have the option of displaying the room number and course name on their schedule.  Your school can turn this on or off on the options page.

Here are four more improvements that schools have asked for:

Easier column matching – if your CSV file has the columns in a different order, now you are able to match the columns up without needing to re-create the file.

The “early access” information has been added to the parent login link CSV export, making it easier for you to send a mail merge only to the early access parents.

We’ve added a tool that allows you to export all booking data in one big spreadsheet, so that you can generate your own overview documents, analytics, or summaries.

There’s a new button on the Teacher page where you can create a giant overview schedule. It’ll be hundreds of pages long, so think twice before printing it on paper.  But it’s easy to have a master schedule now.