We make the job of running a school easier, so that schools can focus on learning.

Our Products

All are 100% browser-based and require no software downloads or installation. They’ve been tested in actual schools by real teachers, principals, and school secretaries.
Parent-Teacher Conference Registration

The easiest way for a school to organize parent-teacher conferences, Scholastico PTC provides an easy and straightforward way to make your next school conference a huge success.

After-School Activity Signups

When it comes to scheduling activities and sports, not every management system is up to the task. Scholastico ASA is the ultimate solution to your school’s extra-curricular organizational challenge.

Teacher Feedback Surveys

With Scholastico’s feedback surveys, a student gets one single link in an email which authenticates them in a single click. The system provides them with a straightforward interface for providing feedback for each of their teachers easily, including an optional open-ended comment.

Secure Paperless Elections

Ecoballot gives you a wide range of tamper-proof ballot options and election types. The ballots can have photos, brief descriptions of the candidates, and attachments. You can set the ballot to display the candidates randomly, so that no one has an alphabetic advantage.

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About Us

Everyone who works at Scholastico has a background working in schools. We understand the problems school offices face every day, and we know how technology can help.
We completely understand the challenges of running a school.

Every school has a major software database that runs most of what you do, but not all. School offices have to run certain processes every day, like attendance, grading, report cards, substitute cover management, and such. Your student information system tries to “do everything” to run your school. But it's the once- or twice-a-year tasks that fall through the cracks. At Scholastico, we have seen how much time is wasted by school offices who try to manage these infrequent but very important tasks. We know exactly how to make them run more smoothly.


Actual quotes from happy parents at real schools using our products.