Ecoballot – Secure Elections

Schools usually run three or four elections per year. These might be for student government, yearbook superlatives, homecoming court, or other student activities. They are sometimes very important elections, such as governing board.

It’s important that the ballots are counted precisely and accurately. It’s critical that no one be able to vote more than once. But, it’s also important that privacy and secrecy are maintained. When using free survey or form tools, it’s hard to be secret while also ensuring that a voter only casts one ballot.

Ecoballot was designed from the ground up to handle the specific voting needs of schools and nonprofit organizations. You get a wide range of ballot options and election types. The ballots can have photos, brief descriptions of the candidates, and attachments. You can set the ballot to display the candidates randomly, so that no one has an alphabetic advantage.

You can run as many elections as your school needs even run them at the same time. And you can assign other people (like student helpers) to be in charge of part of the election. For example, you can allow the student body president to create the ballot and do the setup, without giving them access to see the results.

Although Ecoballot was originally created for schools, it’s being used by a wide variety of organizations to conduct secure tamper-proof elections.  Our clients include trade associations, non-profit organizations, labor unions, city governments, and conference organizers.  In short, Ecoballot works for just about anyone who wants to run paperless elections.

Most organizations find that their turnout is increased when they switch from paper elections to web-based online elections with Ecoballot. Ecoballot makes it easy to conduct elections that are reliable, secure, and private.

For one low fee of $350 per year, your organization can conduct as many elections as you need.  Sign up today and you can be setting up your election in a few minutes.

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