User Authentication

How do people sign in?

With all Scholastico products, you have two options for having parents, students and teachers sign in.  You can use both options at the same time if you wish.

The easiest method is the Unique URL method.  The system will generate Login Links – unique web addresses that are long enough that no one could guess the address.  You simply download this list of addresses and links, then send a mail merge to each person.  When they get the email, they click the link and are automatically signed in.  (more details on how to send a mail merge.)

If sending emails doesn’t work for you, another option is to assign each person a username and password.  Some student information systems store the username and password in plain text, so you can simply include these fields when you create your CSV files.  You could also give everyone the same generic password, like your school’s athletic mascot.  Or you could make the password something that the person would know, but that would be hard for someone else to guess, like their birthday or postal code.  

If you are planning to use the Unique URL method, you can also assign each person a username such as their email address and the same secret password that only the school administration knows.  Then, in the event of a last-minute emergency, you can help a parent sign in by entering the password for them.