PTC – Timeslots

Creating Timeslots

In the Timeslots interface, you can add timeslots for each day of the conference.  Choose the day and set the time for the conference to begin and end, along with the duration of each conference and (optionally) a passing time.  If the conference lasts for multiple days, add a batch of timeslots one day at a time.

Booking Mass Breaks

If the whole conference will stop, for example, at lunch time, you can mass-book a break.  The conference time slot will still appear, but each teacher will have a break at that time.  Parents will not be able to choose that time.  They will not see that it is a break – the timeslot will simply not appear as a choice.

You can also use Mass-booking Breaks as a way to open or extend the conference day for certain teachers.  If most teachers will begin at 8:30 AM, but a few would like to come in early, you could start conferences at 7AM, then book breaks for everyone.  The handful who want to start early can “unbook” that break to make it available for parents to sign up.

Booking Individual Breaks

Teachers will use their unique URL to sign in during break booking time to reserve some time for themselves.  You will need to give them instructions – for example, that they can take one break in the morning or one break in the afternoon.  If you have part-time teachers who will be absent for part of the day, they can book multiple breaks to accommodate their schedule.  If you have mass-booked a lunch break, teachers have the ability to move their lunch by editing their break schedule.