PTC – Early Access for parents

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense for all parents to sign up at the exact same time.  You may want to give certain parents a head start.  For example, parents who work at your school, or parents with multiple children.  There are many options for staging your sign-up timeframe, and for providing early access.

Staged Mail Merge

One option is simply to send the announcements at different times.  You can set the system to be open and ready for sign-ups, then invite groups of parents with staged mail blasts.  To do this, go to Options and set the time to open the conference to all parents to be now (or in the past.)  Download the Parent Login Links file by pressing the CSV with Links button from the Parents interface.  

If you are using the Unique URL mail merge feature, parents won’t be able to sign up until you send them their email.  This means that you can control who signs up when simply by sending your mail merge in stages.

If you are using username and password, and people know their password, then you run the risk of parents signing up early.  In this case, you can use the Early Access feature to make sure that only some parents can access the system early.  There are three ways to give a parent early access:

  • When creating your upload file, put the number 1 in the Early Access column.
  • When editing a parent’s record, tick the box next to the save button to allow early access.
  • From the Parents interface, click the Early Access button. This will show you a list of all parents.  You can scroll through the list, tick everyone who needs early access, then save the list.  To make this process go faster, use the Tab key to jump from one tickbox to the next, and use the Space bar to select or unselect the box.