PTC – Getting your data ready

You need to upload a few files to Scholastico.  Usually, this data is readily available as an export from your student information system in CSV format.  Your data or IT team may be able to help you with this step.  If your data is in XLS format, Google Spreadsheets is the easiest way to export it into CSV format.  It doesn’t matter what you name these files.

To upload the data into Scholastico, just click Bulk Import, choose the file, and click start import.  If your file has a header row (that is, if the top row contains words like “First Name” ) then tick the box to skip that first row.

The data files you need should have these columns in this order:


Course Name, Course ID, Teacher ID and Student ID

Format your Course Roster file like this


First Name, Last Name, Grade, Family ID and Student ID

Format your Student file like this


First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, Email address, Family ID, Early Access

Format your Parent file like this


First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, Email address, Teacher ID

Format your Teacher file like this

Some of the fields in these files are visible to parents, most are used internally to connect students, teachers, and parents.  

Parents will see:

  • Their child’s course names 
  • Their child’s name (first and last)
  • Their child’s teacher’s name (first and last)

Parents never see the name of other parents or other children.  They only see the names of teachers who teach their children and courses their child is enrolled in.

Teachers will see:

  • The child’s name (first and last) for each booked timeslot

School administrators will see:

  • Course ID
  • Teacher ID
  • Student ID
  • Student Grade
  • Family ID
  • Email address
  • Early Access

Formatting the grade level

Grade is only used as a way to search through large numbers of students.  You can leave it blank without causing any harm.  If you include a space (for example, the phrase “Grade 7” or “Seventh Grade”) the system will remove the space.  If possible, you should use just the number of the grade.  It makes searching easier later on.

Formatting for Early Access

If you choose to use the early access system, putting the number 1 in the last column will give those parents early access.  This makes it easy to sort your spreadsheet – for example, by email address and give early access to all parents with school email addresses.  You can also give early access manually by editing parents after they have been uploaded.

For more technical details on the CSV formatting, see the Data Guidelines.